"About The Program"

Process and Result:

In order to acquire a more objective view on the Qingdao marine environment, I initially published a survey asking people’s opinions on the ocean, including questions on what the main issues to the Qingdao ocean are and how people think about the marine education in the city. Here are the survey results:
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These findings, especially the one that sheds lights on the quality of the ocean, contradicted with my longstanding belief, which further motivated me to explore more on the Qingdao ocean, testing the quality to confirm whether the marine water quality is good or not. Separately, 84.4 percent of respondents say the city should hurry up in collecting floating garbage in the sea also strengthened my previous thoughts.

After doing thorough researches, I figured out that for Qingdao, three main industries have influenced the oceans quality, namely tourism, fishery, and manufacturing. So I chose three representative locations to conduct my research: The Nanjiang dock, which is one of the main places where fishing in Qingdao took places; The Sculpture garden, which is one of the most popular places in Qingdao for visiting; and the oil refineries, where a state-owned oil company extractes crude oil from the sea.

Here are the table of the results that I got for water quality testing:

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After comparing my readings with the national standards, I figured out that all the testing content fits their standard levels, which leads to the conclusion that the ocean quality in Qingdao is excellent. Through my research program, while I had achieved the goal of research, I also realized that in scientific research, accurate data should prevail prejudice.

"About The Book"

Inspiration and Sample Interview:

Influenced by the results from the survey, I noticed that there is still room for improvement. For example, the marine culture in Qingdao. In Question 12, more than 80 percent of the respondents indicated that they think the government should strengthen marine education in Qingdao. Recognizing such an urgent need, I took some actions. Combining my knowledge learned from several research programs that I did, I came up with an idea of designing an educational material for Chinese students. I set my target as the kindergarteners, which is the basis of the Chinese education system. To confirm the validity of the survey, I went on to interview my prior kindergarten teachers who have contended that there are rare or no such lessons taught in school.

Since my target audience are the very youths, the book should not be too hard to read. Instead, it should be attractive for them; as a result, making the best use of my artistic skills, I chose to create a picture book for the children. In order to finalize my ideas, I conducted an interview, talking to 15 kindergarteners in my city.

Here are the questions that I have designed:

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Here is the video:

Based on the interviews, I noticed that most of the schools did not have such classes and books and most children like to read books that are cute and unique. Therefore, I decided to make a pop-up book.

After it’s done, I sent the book to the children, and here are some of their feedbacks:

Translation: I love the cute marine animals! Translation: I really like this picture book/pop-up book. It is really cute Translation: There are a lot of pop-ups! Fun to read! Translation: I learned a lot on marine protection through reading this book. Translation: I like the style of the picture book!

Based on what they learned from my pop-up book, I am now holding a competition among these kindergarteners: they are competing for which one of them could maintain a "green-lifestyle" for the longest time.

With a sense of achievement and satisfaction, I also started exploring interdisciplinary subjects because there is nothing else I would like to invest more time and effort on than combining my interests with academic.

Updates (October and November):

From one of the teachers:

Translation of the first voice message:
Hi, Frank, yesterday I showed the picture book you wrote to the two students you interviewed last time. I was also surprised. Did you paint the picture book yourself? Amazing. After the two of them finished reading, I also asked them about their feelings. Now, I am sharing with you their feedback. The two children used computers in my office to watch.
Student readers are 5-6 years old, this is their oral feelings that I recorded
The Earth is really a good gift! We should protect the ocean.
Experiments turned out to be of great help to the ocean.
I enjoy watching people swimming in the ocean, and I also enjoy this book.

I also like this book very much, there is no book with such originality in the market.
For real, there is a lack of such books in the market! The drawings are great!

You will see the needs now and in the future
Yes! ! Moreover, students like this subject very much, they are fascinated by it, and they can think. This is a very good content for life education.

Yes, every kind of life, no matter how big or small, is wonderful. The Creator has given its own unique laws, just like you design every piece of work.