Qingdao is a city in China renowned for its marine landscape. As the coastal residents, throughout the history, we have been relying on the sea heavily.

In the past decade, the ocean has encountered various environmental crises: the annual invasion of ulva prolifera, i.e., a seawater-polluting green algae, the polluting water discharged by the factories, and the household refuse due to urbanization.

The municipal government of Qingdao, recognizing such situation, has committed innumerable efforts to solving the environmental issues. They came up with plans such as controlling the amount of land disposal, establishing plants to treat wasted water and create a vigorous ecological system, strengthening the monitoring and controlling on docks, and boosting up the biodiversity through recovering the rivers and wetlands.

With efforts, the ocean has improved in recent years. There have been an increasing number of visitors without a deterioration in the seawater quality and ocean ecosystem.